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Photo and Calendar Contest 2016

Rules and Deadlines - Click here to download pdf rules

Note that the calendar and photo contest have slightly different rules and due dates, although submission for both is now to the same location. Calendar submissions are automatically photo contest submissions, but not the reverse. See item (d) below.

Composition tips:

a. Lighting makes a huge difference, especially in landscape shots. Early morning or late evening often give grazing lighting, enhancing the visual depth of your scene and revealing detail. However the flat light of noon can sometimes make subjects that are too contrasty reveal all their detail.

b. Unusual angle or approach can make an otherwise dull subject come to life.

For many more free photo tips on the web, try this Silverlight Tutorial

Submitting your pictures to the contest coordinators:

a. The pictures should have been taken with the jpeg fine setting in your camera, or converted to that format from RAW if necessary. Most users will find the camera will have done this automatically. With most modern digital cameras, this setting produces images that are between 3 and 10 megapixels in size. (3meg - 10 meg). NOTE: Many cameras and systems also general small copies called "thumbnails" which are only 25 - 50 kilopixels (25k - 50 k). These are useful when filing and sorting your photos but are NOT the originals, just like a paper box label is not what's in the box - it's just a little piece of paper.

b. NEW! To send photos, you can now upload your originals directly to our Smugmug site. To access the 'drag and drop' upload page, please contact John by email and request the upload link.

c. For each entry, tell us which category (specimen, grouping, or landscape) you want for the picture. Also give the location and date (if different than the file date on the photo) and any other details you might think would be useful to us in a slideshow or calendar, such as species, cultivar etc in the specimen plants. Be sure your actual name appears, not just a cutsey tag name or whatever. You can put this information in the "Comment" box under the picture once it's uploaded to the site.

eg: (John B) - DSCN 2001 - specimen, Ladner, BC, May 2015, Trachycarpus fortunei, 50 metre tall mutant (note this is an example only and not intended to represent reality).

d. The final date for submission of entries for the calendar is Sunday October 16th, and Monday October 31, 2016 for the photo contest in general. Only landcape oriented pictures will be considered for the calendar.