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Information Exchange and the Mentorship Program


This page is dedicated to facilitating communication among our members in the about all aspects of their hobby - plant selection, climate, culture, placement, garden design... - you name it! The information exchange is for folks who want to view or share information about their hobby. The mentorship program links you up with an expert in your local area who is willing to give you advice and assistance based on their extensive experience.

The Information Exchange

For those who wish to chat online with others or simply to view dialogs that are in progress about specific issues or problems, the sites listed below have had a great deal of recent activity. If you are unfamiliar with chat sites, you don't have to log on to view chats in progress - just go to them by clicking on the link, and watch for a while to see how things work.

Hardy Palm & Subtropical Board
IPS Message Board
Hardy Palms and More for the Northeast
European Palm Society Forum (requires free membership and login)

BC Council of Garden Clubs

Our Society is a member organization of this extensive umbrella group. To visit their web site click here.

The Council publishes a monthly bulletin. To view or download the bulletin click here.


Palm Care Information Sheets (pdf files)

These pdf files are the same as the handouts available at recent events. They may be viewed or downloaded by clicking on their names:

-Suitable Hardy Palm Species for BC's Lower Mainland
-Almost Hardy Palms
-Palm Planting and Maintenance
-Tender Plant (Palm) Winter Protection
- Factors Involved in Palm Hardiness

Instruction Slide Shows

- How to strip the fiber off a Trachycarpus palm trunk

- How to prune Yucca gloriosa


The Mentorship Program

Need expert advice on care or selection of palms and other exotic plants? Edith Camm (former club president) has a list of experts, many with 30 plus years of experience, eager to give you advice. She will be happy to direct your enquiry to one of these pros. Besides mentors with general knowledge, some have very specific and detailed areas of expertise. Just contact Edith Camm to get started!

Can You Defy Winter In Your Garden?

Share Your Hints With Other Members via the Mentorship Coordinator.

Help your fellow gardeners defy winter by sharing ideas to keep your exotic garden beautiful even in the dark winter months.  Can we maintain gardens with traces of tropical lushness, or should we aim for spaces that are spare and serene?  Share ideas for plants that bring special winter interest.  

The Mentorship Coordinator will share the collected ideas, giving credit to you brilliant gardeners, of course.   So dish, why don’t you?  Contact Edith via email.  Send pictures if possible.  Alternatively, Edith would love to listen to your tips in person. Your contribution may be shared on the Mentorship File, a semi-regular feature in Hardy Palm International (HPI).