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The Pacific Northwest Palm & Exotic Plant Society

The Pacific Northwest Palm & Exotic Plant Society (PNWP&EPS) is dedicated to the successful cultivation of palms and other exotic plants to create Mediterranean or subtropical style gardens outdoors in British Columbia, Washington and Oregon, and other areas with similar climate wordwide.

Our goals are:
To enhance member's knowledge of the wide range of form and foliage of plants suitable for gardens in cool temperate climate zones, especially plants such as palms with tropical or other unusual (exotic) attributes.
To facilitate the sharing of exotic plant knowledge among members, and between members and the general public.
To increase the variety of exotic plants available to members by encouraging the testing of new cultivars or species.
To develop and promote effective methods of exotic plant cultivation and winter protection.
To increase the local availability of palms and other exotic plants.
To help members design landscapes that integrate palms and other exotic plants. .

Society Information

The PNWP&EPS, founded in 1984, is a British Columbia based nonprofit Plant Society.  ...More

Hardy Palm International

Hardy Palm International is the journal of the Pacific Northwest Palm & Exotic Plant Society.  ...More

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Don't miss out on the chance to meet fellow palm and exotic plant fanatics and share knowledge and experience!  ...More

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Planning continues for a mixed online/physical Society model for 2024, and ...More