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The Pacific Northwest Palm & Exotic Plant Society is based in the Pacific Northwest region of North America and includes British Columbia in Canada as well as the states of Washington and Oregon down to the Oregon / California state line.

The coastal strip where most of our society's exotic gardening takes place is almost entirely USDA zone 8, with a few small pockets of Zone 9. However, a growing number of our membership live in zones 5 - 7, with a few members having success even in zones 3 - 4. As the name of our chapter implies, we grow plants other than just palms. The gardens of our members tend to look much like what you might find in Southern California.

Our society is administered by an executive board which is made up of an annually elected body of president, vice president, treasurer, membership director, and secretary, as well as appointed board members. Go to our Member's Page to view the Society's constitution and bylaws in detail. Society members are encouraged to participate in functions such as barbecues, garden tours and plant sales, and to play an active role in guiding the Society's future through attendance at meetings and elections. Members are also encouraged to contribute to our journal. Most importantly, members are encouraged to promote the art and science of exotic gardening in their own gardens!

Your executive board members for 2021 are:

John Brimacombe
email John
Vice President
Doug Knight
email Doug
Treasurer and Subscriptions
Frank Hunaus
Phone: (604) 271-9524
Fax: (604) 271-9540

Pamela Murphy
email Pamela


Membership Director
Charlie Warburton
email Charlie


John Brimacombe
email John

Charlie Warburton
email Charlie

Coordinator - Vancouver Island
Brian Steven
email Brian

HPI Editorial Subcommittee Chair
Charlie Warburton
email Charlie

Ron Perozny
email Ron

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